Dubai Fountain

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By the time we finished with Burj Khalifa and came back down, it was late evening. We decided to check out the Promenade and another attraction at the Dubai Mall - The Dubai Fountain. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, Set in Burj Khalifa Lake, right outside The Dubai Mall on the Lower Ground Waterfront Promenade is the world’s largest dancing fountain (the water spray shoots upto 50 stories). The fountain dances to the music of various artists. By the time, we reached the Promenade, it was full and we could not find a place to rest our tired legs.

There is a show every half hour with the fountain dancing to a different piece of  music every time. This is the second performance we caught mostly because we were still tired of all the walking/standing and we managed to find a place to sit.

Where should you stand/sit to get the best view?

The moment you come outside the Dubai Mall onto the promenade, start walking right till you cross the bridge/incline. Place yourself somewhere here so that you can view the entire width of the Fountain. Another option is to sit in one of the surrounding coffee shops and enjoy the show over a cup of coffee .