Testing Wordpress Locally: Installing a Web Server (Apache)

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The Series

  1. Installing a Web Server (Apache)

  2. Installing PHP

  3. Installing MySQL

  4. Installing phpMyAdmin

  5. Installing Wordpress

Installing Apache on Windows

  • Go to the Apache Website and download the installer file.

  • Make sure Internet Information Services (IIS) is not running.

  • If IIS is running, you will find the IIS console at Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Internet Services Manager. Shut it down.

  • Run the installer

  • In the Server Information dialogue, enter the following

    • Network Domain: The domain name. For local testing, enter localhost.

    • Server Name: The name of the server. For local testing, enter localhost.

    • Email Address: The email address where you want to recieve email messages about the webserver.

    • Run Mode: In most cases, you would want to run Apache as a service.

  • You can change the installation directory if you click on Custom.

  • Click Install.

Installing and Starting Apache Manually

If you chose to run the apache server manually in the Run Mode, you will have to install it. This can be done as follows

  • Run the command prompt as Administrator.

  • Navigate to the bin directory in the Apache install directory and run the following command: httpd.exe -k install

  • Start the server using the Apache Monitor in the taskbar.

Un-Installing Apache

Navigate to the bin directory in the Apache install directory and run the following command httpd.exe -k uninstall

Configuring Apache

To change any settings, edit the httpd.conf file. On Windows, you can access this file through the menu at Start -> Programs -> Apache HTTPD Server -> Configure Apache Server -> Edit the Apache httpd.conf File.

Restart the server for the changes to take effect.