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This is a part of one of my earlier travels when I travelled to London before starting on my Masters.

After wasting my time at Delhi airport just watching people, I boarded the flight and reached London. Although the flight was uneventful, I got a free upgrade to premium economy. The first setback occurred when after reaching London, the international roaming on my phone didn’t work. I couldn’t find my cab, so I just kept walking up and down trying to find a placard with my name on it. “Wherever you go our network follows”, looks like the dog lost its way trying to follow me. Anyway, after finishing my morning walk in the terminal, I finally saw a person holding a placard with my name.

I was on a mission to see as much of London as possible in the 2 days I had there, so early in the morning (normal people early not mine), I left the house armed with a map and a copy of Lonely Planet. Don’t be surprised, I was already awake because the flight attendant woke me up at 6 a.m. local time as we had to deboard.

Now you may be aware of the fact that I cant navigate for nuts, so it made for some really interesting situations. I an sure the shopkeepers started getting suspicious of my back and forth, just trying to reach the nearest tube station. En-route, I armed myself with a local cell phone connection as well. Well after spending a little extra time than I was supposed to, I finally reached the tube station (which I realized was just a short 5 minutes walk from the house). I got myself a prepaid pass, got on the tube and reached my first destination - The Tower of London.

Rukavat ke liye khed hai… Our story will have to end here for today.

What happens next? Will I be able to reach home safely or will I get lost in the London Underground?

Stay tuned.