My Most Popular Posts in 2016

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It is time to see the most popular posts and pages on the blog in 2016.


The most popular posts in this category were related to the Codingame contest. This kind of enforces the view that it is better to write fewer articles but with more content. I think this was further helped by the fact that some of the posts were added to the codingame forum which increased the visibility to a larger number of people who wouldn’t have found the blog otherwise . It also indicates that the sunday photos and quotes are not good when trying to generate traffic. Apart from that the new zealand escapes seemed to have made for some good reading.

  1. Hypersonic (Codingame AI Contest) PostMortem

  2. New Zealand Escapes : TranzAlpine Express

  3. Fantastic Bits (Codingame AI Contest) PostMortem

  4. The Accountant (Codingame AI Contest) PostMortem

  5. Fantastic Bits @ Codingame

  6. Weekly Roundup 1

  7. Sunday Photo : Apothecary

  8. Goals & Reports - September 2016

  9. Should I Rent Or Buy a House

  10. New Zealand Escapes : Waitomo Blackwater Rafting


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