Reader Question: How would you apply Storybrand to how you communicate at work?

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Reader Question

Even though the Building a Storybrand seems to be mostly oriented towards marketing messaging, how would you apply it to general messaging at work?

If you are wondering what post is being referred to its Building a Storybrand

My Answer

I think the book’s central premise around clear messages that do not require too much thinking is relevant, no matter the purpose of the communication.

If we are talking about it in a work context, there are 2 different perspectives.

From the businesses perspective

From a business perspective, I would say that a business needs to make sure that people can answer these question without thinking.

  1. What is expected of me in my current role
  2. What do I need to do to grow here?
  3. What is the impact that I have on the business as an individual in my current role?

From the individuals perspective

But what is more interesting is what we can we as an individual do when communicating with colleagues.

We can use this framework to make sure that

  1. We are clear/consistent in our interactions with others so that they know what can be expected from us
  2. We are clearly articulating the value we bring to the table for both the business and to other individuals

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