Speechcraft Speech 2: Organize your speech

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Being an Only Child is Awesome

The 2nd speech introduces the basic concepts of organizing a speech around an outline. My speech was adapted from my previous blog post - Only Child Appreciation.

The actual speech

The written speech

Kids need a sibling — it’s the best gift you can give them! This is a pretty common comment that you get to hear after you become a parent and its complete hogwash. Before I start, let me ask you a question. How many of you have Siblings? and How many of you are the oldest? Well, at least for some time you had the same benefits that an only child has. Due to my parent’s steadfast refusal to give me a sibling, I am an only child and I believe that its the best.

Now, there is a myth that someone who is an only child is likely to be lonely. Personally, loneliness has never been a pervasive feeling. First and foremost, I had books. The way I read books is to disappear entirely into them almost becoming one of the characters. I devoured books, going to the public library and checking out big stacks. read everything we had in the house; I probably read things that many would probably consider completely inappropriate for someone my age. I read it even if I did not understand it. Apart from books, I filled my life with friends both real and imaginary. Although the imaginary friends have since disappeared, the real friends have stayed.

Now, people might think that we are spoilt and pampered but, I don’t see what’s wrong with being treated like royalty and getting 100% of your parents love and resources. To them I say - “Stop being so jealous just because we are the favourite child of our parents”. I guess the pro or con depending on your view is that we don’t have to share our stuff and as one of my cousins says - “that includes the bathroom”. But do my parents overindulge me? I guess that depends. To some people, I have more than enough, to others, I suppose I am deprived. I didnt get everything that I asked for but I will concede that I did not have to share my room/bathroom and the T.v. I also probably did get more toys than normal. Another nice side effect is that we learn how to get what we want and be more focused on our goals.

One disadvantage of being an only child is that you have no one to fight with or to blame. On the flip side, I think it made me more independent and responsible.

Not having a sibling taught me how to spend time so that I am happy alone. I don’t feel the need to go and talk to people. Contradictory, I can just go and talk to anyone if I want to. It’s also easier to walk away from people who don’t meet my expectations. Contradictorily, since I did not have siblings and was reliant on friends I don’t take friendships lightly and a few of my friendships go back 30 years.

To conclude, the best thing about being an only child is that I will always be my parents favourite and we all know every parent has a favourite.



  • [From evaluator] Great Topic. Loved the opening.
  • [From evaluator] Well Prepared, good organization and flow.
  • [From evaluator] Loud, clear, confident.
  • [From evaluator] Good use of humour.
  • I got a few laughs again.
  • There were no Umm’s.


  • [From evaluator] Could have added another minute of content.
  • [From evaluator] Use signposting.
  • [From evaluator] Finish with a bang.
  • Made a couple of mistakes and I had to correct myself.
  • I forgot my speech and took a lot of time to recover. I also got flustered after it.

Action Points

Previous Action points

  • I need to speak slower and need to pause between sentences. Done
  • I need to look at both sides of the room.
  • There is no point in taking a printout. I don’t look at it all. Done
  • I forgot a few of my points which made it a little shorter than the minimum of 3 minutes. Maybe I need to have more content so that even if I forget I still speak for at least 4 minutes.
    • Partial: Better than last time but still need another minute of content to reach 5 minutes.
  • I need to take my hands out of my pockets and from behind my back so that they are visible even before starting the speech.
  • I need to get rid of “Umms”. Done
  • I need to stop touching my glasses and face.
    • Partial: Much better than last time but still ended up touching it a few times.

Action Points for Next Time

  • Try to use the stage.
  • Try to speak for 5 minutes.
  • I need to look at both sides of the room.
  • Take both of my hands out of my pockets.
  • Stop touching my glasses and face.