Starting Speechcraft

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What is Speechcraft

Speechcraft is an introductory public speaking course spread over 7 weeks. Each week you have to write a 5-minute speech to meet a certain goal. Each goal builds on the next, so you end up stacking your learned skills.

Why did I join Speechcraft

To be honest, there was no real reason for me to join Speechcraft. I am not in a leadership position nor do I have any public speaking engagements. But, my learning budget was going to waste and I could use it towards Speechcraft so I thought why not.

The 1st day

Since none of us were told to prepare any speeches, the 1st day was a little different.

First, the chairperson introduced us to the way Speechcraft works.

The agenda is roughly

  • everyone in the group gives a 5-minute speech on any subject of their choosing which attempts to meet the goals of that week.
  • After all the speeches are done, the speeches are evaluated and you get both positive and negative feedback.
  • Then, there is a fun improv game called “Table Topics”. A Table Topics Master is selected the prior week to come up with random topics for each member. Each member needs to speak to the given topic for a minute.

Each of us was then asked what we hoped to get out of speechcraft. It was interesting to see the different motivations. Someone wanted to slow down their speaking, others wanted to become more concise. My motivations were simple

  • Learn how to use my body and voice while giving speeches.
  • Become more comfortable with impromptu speaking

What’s next?

In the next few posts, I will talk about my speechcraft journey. I will be posting my intended speech, a video of what I actually spoke and an analysis. I might also add some feedback that is given to me by toastmasters.