Ten things to achieve when starting 3D programming

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I had recently come across an interesting article which gave a nice guideline to learn the basics of 3D programming. This list got me thinking about how I would go about understanding 3D programming. Even though my list is similar to the list in the article, I would go about it differently. So without further ado, here’s my list to achieve basic proficiency in 3D programming.

  • Build your own custom graphic initialization function.

    • This is useful to understand how things are managed internally and will give you more comprehension of what you are doing.
  • Code a 2D custom Graphic User Interface (GUI).

    • This is useful since you can make your custom GUI controls and understand concepts like event handling and event capturing.
  • Implement a camera system.

    • This is useful to understand concepts like vector handling, translation matrices, angle conversion, etc.
  • Understand primary 3D concepts.

  • Successfully make a collision algorithm.

  • Code a 3D model loader.

    • This is useful to understand how 3D models are saved and how everything it’s drawn in a graphics engine.
  • Implement custom lighting.

  • Implement a small particle engine.

    • This is useful to understand concepts like particle emitters, particle behaviour and billboarding techniques.
  • Learn the basics in a 3D modelling software.

    • Without this knowledge, you will have to depend on other people to make the art for your first few games.
  • Load and play an animation.

Hopefully, this will help people getting started with 3D programming.

You can read the original article here