Weekly Roundup 1

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Every week I come across some great articles. Here are some of the posts I feel you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

Graham from Reverse The Crush talks about why it is better to earn less, but do fulfilling work, than it is to earn a lot, at the expense of a soul-crushing day job and why Money is just a tool.

Budgets are important but how do you start? Allan from The Practical Saver recommends Personal budget categories to help you get started.

Kristin writes about some of the smart financial moves aren’t always the best credit moves at Two Cents. Although aimed at the US market, the article gives a good insight into why credit cards are not necessarily a bad thing.

Caz from yTravelBlog has a sponsored post on how to take a Luxury holiday for less by using the Travelex Luxury for Less aggregator.

Hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did.