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Every week I come across some great articles. Here are some of the posts I feel you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

Charity Majors shares her thought on the different type of influence that an engineer can have and use.

Alex demonstrates how he participated in the Do Not Get Arrested Challenge 2020 by logging in as the former Australian Primer minister Tony Abbot on an airline website and getting details such as his passport id after he shared a photo of his boarding pass on Instagram. It’s a long, but entertaining story.

Jared Palmer has an excellent takedown of the Gatsby Framework and why he has moved away from Gatsby to Next.js. This blog is built on gatsby and I have been finding it difficult to debug issues and add functionality. At least, now I know its just not me.

How do you bootstrap a SASS company to 1 million ARR? Sarah Hum breaks down the learnings from Canny’s 3.5-year journey by revenue/hiring milestones. So many tidbits to take away if you are thinking of starting a SASS business.

We as humans find it difficult to talk about size. After all, how do you define big and small? Tim Urban takes the full-sized galaxies and the subatomic particles and shows the size by scaling them into numbers we can understand. The post has some nice illustrations to drive the point home.

A lot of successful people feel like crap all the time. But what if you could make your day more enjoyable and still be rich and successful. Andrew Wilkinson shares his list of Anti-goals and how you can come up with the perfect day by thinking about your worst day and then figuring out how to avoid it

Hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did.

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