Weekly Roundup 9

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Every week I come across some great articles. Here are some of the posts I feel you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

One of my favourite posts of the week was from Mrs Bita from Bayalis is the Answer. I could relate to all the quirks of being born in a middle-class Indian family. They were the same as what I have seen while growing up.

Most people have an emergency fund but Ty from Get Rich Quick’ish asks a very important question - What’s Your Financial Emergency Plan?. This has got me thinking and I might outline my financial emergency plan in a future post.

FIRECracker from Millennial Revolution outlines the different types of spousal personalities and how to get them aboard the FI train.

Fahim gives a unique outlook on How NOT to succeed in your coding interview on dev.to. How many of these mistakes have you made?

On Gamasutra, Shalin posts the 3 things he has learned from each of his 5 jobs in the last 12 years.

Gav from Zen Pencils has a new cartoon based on Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica which he completed in 5 weeks after a squadron of German bombers bombed the small town of Guernica.

Hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did.