Other Projects

Demo to showcase how different easing functions behave

Easing Functions Showcased: Linear, Sine, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Quintic, Exponential, Circular, Elastic, Back and Bounce.

Easing Types supported : EaseIn, EaseOut, EaseInOut and EaseOutIn.

Made with C++

Source code

Fuzzy Logic system

A Fuzzy Logic system that reads the data produced by CERT (a facial features recognition program, to examine pictures taken by a webcam) and processes it to determine the most prevalent emotion expressed by the player. This emotion is then used to modify the internal game mechanics of Quake 3 in real time.

Made with C++

Reliable UDP protocol

A Reliable UDP protocol to simulate AI (steering) behaviors over a network with a client-server architecture involving multiple systems.

Made with C++

TV Listings Scraper

A Google Maps based interface that displays the current TV Listings of Los Angeles TV stations, scraped from an existing TV Listings.

Made with HTML, CSS, DOM, AJAX, XML, JAVA Servlets, JSON & PERL