Point of Sale System


Pushpay Ltd

The Project

Merchant Portal used by church admins and staff.


C#, Typescript, React


  • Built a protoype to generate typings based on graphql queries and schema without requiring an active connction to the server which enabled drontend development to happen without relying on backend development.
  • I came up with a strategy and roll out plan to add Content Security policy to the website.
  • I created a postman collection which enabled QA to test ajax endpoints protected against Cross Site Request Forgery attacks (by automatically adding the anti-forgery token to the request).
  • DX improvements
    • Added gists to enable debugging frontend using vs code and starting the dev server automatically.
    • After finding issues with yarn link found an alternate package yalc which works better.
    • Automatically collapsing generated files in PR.
  • Feature Lead for various features which involved:
    • breaking down the feature in smaller tickets and assigning them to team members.
    • communicating status updates to business.


  • High Five Award for the Content Security Policy work.