Ankur Sheel

An opinionated wrapper around Statiq.Web

Source code

Nuget Package


  • Copying images, JavaScript, stylesheets, fonts, and binary files to specific asset folders.
  • Optimizing slugs for pages and posts.
  • Handling pages and posts, including markdown and Razor pages, and organizing them based on folders.
  • Managing post details, such as publishing date, reading time, and related posts.
  • Configuring index and blog pages with custom ordering and grouping of posts.
  • Creating RSS and sitemap files with metadata from posts.


  • Reading Time Module: Calculates reading time for articles.
  • Responsive YouTube Shortcode: Makes YouTube videos responsive.
  • Optimize Slug: Optimizes destination slugs.
  • Replace Image Links: Corrects relative image links in markdown files.
  • GenerateRssMetaData: Sets RSS feed metadata.
  • GenerateSitemapMetaData: Sets sitemap metadata.
  • GeneratePageDetailsFromPath: Sets slugs for pages based on folder paths.
  • GeneratePostDetailsFromPath: Sets slugs and published dates for posts from folder paths.
  • GenerateSocialImages: Creates social share images for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Related Posts Module: Generates related posts based on categories, tags, and relative dates.