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For a long time now, I have been looking for a side project to play around with. So far, I was scratching the itch by participating in coding game contests and writing tutorials on this blog. But, I was not getting the satisfaction of having something to show. I wasn’t dabbling with new things and it is apparent that I was losing interest fast. In order to address this, I have decided to start working on a new side project - Codenamed JAH

So what does JAH stand for? It’s just an acronym for Job Application Helper - a piece of software that helps you to track the status of your current job applications.


When Gameloft closed in 2016, I was out of a job and was talking to a bunch of companies and recruiters. At some point, there were so many people I was in contact with, that I resorted to my trusty tool - Excel Spreadsheets to keep some of my sanity. Fast forward to present day, and it seems to be a good idea to port the spreadsheet to an app.

App Overview

The current plan is to have the app available both on web and mobile. As an MVP, it should be able to perform operations to store the company name, application date and the current status. As time goes on, I will probably add more features which will be outlined in future posts.


To achieve this and to learn something new on the way, I will be using .netcore and Xamarin. For the web app, I will be deploying to Azure, mainly because I get free credits from Vista to spend on Azure.

  • Learn .netcore and EF core by building a web app.

  • Learn Xamarin by building the mobile app.

  • Experiment with a TDD approach.

  • Learn about RESTful API. Sync data between web and mobile apps by using a common API.

  • Reuse shared logic between the mobile and web apps.

  • Deploy the web app to Azure.

  • Deploy the mobile app.

Closing Thoughts

I will try to blog with an update on the progress. As I have already started the project, the next post will outline what I have done so far.

Would this app be of interest to you? Would you like to help test it for me? What features would you like to see? Let me know in the comments

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