Weekly Roundup 49

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Every week I come across some great articles. Here are some of the posts I feel you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

Collection Performance: How Do You Linq?

by David McCarter

This article compares the performance of some common LINQ Queries when it's written using the API vs a lambda and the performance of the different ways to use the lambda versions.

Good enough

by Janella

It's easy to fall into the trap of future-proofing our code. This article can help us see the key signs indicating that we need to step back from the details. It also outlines the questions we should ask to decide if something is good enough. As an added bonus, there are also some tips on easing ourselves into decision making if we are prone to imposter syndrome.

The testing trade-off triangle

by Paul Swail

Did you know that every time we choose a testing strategy, we need to compromise between confidence level, feedback loop, and maintainability? This article shares some examples of who the loser is when we optimize for one of them and some questions we should ask ourselves to inform or test strategy.

The Three Dominoes

by Mike Petrovich

There are 3 simple rules to make it easier for a team to operate: limit work-in-progress, Minimize specialization, and Never sacrifice quality. Read this article to know how each of these rules helps the team achieve long-term success and the limitations of each of the rules.

Rendering in the Jamstack

by Brian Rinaldi

Multiple rendering options are available in JAMstack applications. This article gives an in-depth overview of the different rendering options and helps you choose which one to use when.