Weekly Roundup 47

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Every week I come across some great articles. Here are some of the posts I feel you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

Career Seasons: Choosing a Role Based on the Lifestyle You Want

by Ramit Sethi

At different points in our lives, we are in a different season of our careers. The 3 different career seasons are Growth, Lifestyle and Reinvention. It's important to know what season we are in to tailor our job search accordingly. This article can help us figure out what career season we are in.

Dependency Injection Lifetimes in ASP.NET Core

by Muhammed Saleem

In ASP.NET Core, we can register the dependencies for three different lifetimes. I always get confused about when to use which. This article compares the 3 injection lifetimes by example. It has recommendations for when to use each and when not to use.

How to write better sentences: 6 examples

by Robert Heaton

We can improve our articles by making minor tweaks to our writing. This article contains 6 real-world sentences that Robert has made shorter and cleaner.

Lies My Parents Told Me (About Logs)

by Charity Majors

All of us have some assumptions about logs. Some used to be true, but some never really were. This article outlines some of the common misconceptions about logs.

When Are Companies Going To Learn How Software Development Works?

by David McCarter

Many companies make the same mistakes repeatedly that doom their software projects to failure. A story about how David unearthed during an interview of a company making those mistakes.