Weekly Roundup 46

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Every week I come across some great articles. Here are some of the posts I feel you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

The Pragmatic Engineer Test: 12 Questions on Engineering Culture

by Gergely Orosz

You have probably heard of the Joel Test, but it's 20 years old, and most companies can answer yes to those questions. These questions are better suited to rate the quality of a software team in today's world.

Implementing Content Security Policy (CSP) in ASP.NET Core

by Anuraj

CSP (Content Security Policy) is a security layer that helps us mitigate and report XSS(Cross-Site Scripting) attacks. This is a guide for creating middleware to set the header to the HTTP response in .Net Core.

How Potty Training Shaped My Tech Teaching Style

by Shaundai Person

Did you know there are parallels between teaching coding and potty training? In both cases, we are giving someone a tool they have never seen before combined with a language they have never heard before and then expecting them to do something they have never done before. This article outlines what can we do differently to avoid these mistakes.

Debugging configuration values in ASP.NET Core

by Andrew Lock

When working with .Net Core, it can be useful to inspect the resolved configuration settings to determine why a configuration value does not have the value we expect. This post shows how to use GetDebugView() to determine where the configuration values have come from. It also goes through the implementation.

The Three Sides of Risk

by Morgan Housel

What can skiing teach you about investing? A lot, it seems. There are distinct sides of risk 2 of which are easy to grasp. But the last one, the tail-end consequences of getting hit, can often be learned only through experience. But the tail-end events are all that matter. This is also why I always consider the worst outcome of any decision, and only if I am ok with it is when I take the risk.