Weekly Roundup 53

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Every week I come across some great articles. Here are some of the posts I feel you will enjoy reading as much as I did.

Service Locator is not an Anti-Pattern

by Jimmy Bogard

The common thinking is that the Service Locator pattern is an anti-pattern because it hides class dependencies and results in runtime errors. Jimmy Bogard explains the situations where service location is required or even preferable.

Inflation – Should We Be Worried?

by Mr Money Mustache

This very in-depth article that gets into inflation explains why inflation does not mean we are getting poorer and might even be good for the economy.

Make Beautiful Gradients

by Josh Comeau

In this blog post, we learn why the dreaded grey zone happens when building a linear gradient and what we can do to avoid it by using colour theory.

How to Accept Payments Online If You Can't Use Stripe?

by Andrey Azimov

Stripe is slowly becoming the preferred payment provider for apps. But what do you do if you live in one of the countries where Stripe is not supported. Andrey compares the 3 alternatives: Gumroad, Paddle and Paypal.

Case study: User onboarding (Blinkist)

by Growth.Design

A case study of onboarding in Blinkist shows why onboarding can be tricky and how psychology can help.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.