Essential Plugins for JetBrains Rider plugins

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I've been using JetBrains Rider for quite some time now. Rider has a rich plugin ecosystem, many of which are bundled at the installation time. Here is a list of plugins I like to add on top of them.

Plugin What does it do
.NET Core User Secrets Provides the ability to create and edit user secrets in .NET projects
GraphQL Adds syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for graphql files
Json Formatter Reformat JSON
Key Promoter X Shows you keyboard shortcuts that you could have used instead of using a mouse button inside the IDE
MoqComplete Provides Code Completion for Moq
Rainbow Brackets Provides coloured brackets, parentheses, and lines in the IDE
Rossynt Roslyn Syntax tree viewer
Statiq Support Live templates for Statiq
String Manipulation Perform a variety of tasks on strings, from capitalizing, converting between different cases, and escaping strings
Structured Logging Useful analyzers for structured logging
Tailwind CSS adds autocompletes and previews for Tailwind classes
Terraform and HCL Adds autocompletion and syntax highlighting for hcl files
Toml support for netlify toml files