2023 - Q3 Retrospective

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At the start of the quarter, I laid out some high-level personal goals. Here’s how I did against those goals.

Goal: Publish 3 blog posts

Result: I published 4 posts

How it went: SUCCESS

I published 4 posts.

I also refreshed an old post

Goal: Publish 3 book summaries

Result: I didnt finish even a single book summary

How it went: FAILURE

I need to take out time to write a book summary a month. Maybe I should have spent some time on book summaries instead of the 4th post.

Goal: Explore ideas for a new game

Result: I settled on creating a Wordle for Kids and reached out to a few people to gauge interest.

How it went: MEH

I created a MVP for a 4 letter wordle clone. I shared a form on social media to gauge interest for a Wordle for Kids game. Although, I did not get as many responses as I would have liked, it was enough to validate that people are interested in having an app that has kid appropriate 4 letter words.

Goals for next month

  • Publish 3 blog posts on ankursheel.com
  • Publish 3 book summaries on discoveriesinbookland.com
  • Get WordWhiz in the hands of beta testers and get the 1st release out
  • Get 10 more responses to the WordWhiz form
  • Lose 5 kgs
  • 25 consecutive pushups
  • 50 consecutive squats